Building Blocks: Startup + SMB Marketing

Regardless of what stage of growth you're in for your Startup or Small Business, it's imperative to know and execute the Building Blocks of Startup and SMB Marketing.

Here's what we consider a simple and helpful roadmap for you to have in-hand as you push along in your Marketing journey:

1. Listen - to your Market, and Tribe. Pay attention to patterns, observations, what's happening or changing. How will your Startup or SMB ensure that your Marketing efforts are on-target?

2. Look - at the ever-changing landscape around you. Where was it yesterday, today, tomorrow. How will that help or hurt you? 

3. Learn - from your Trials and Errors. Just like there's 'no mistakes in art', the same applies to Marketing for Startups and SMB's. Never stop learning...

4. Level - the playing field. Constantly disrupt and delight. Think of new ways to penetrate the same crowd (or different crowd). Change as change happens: win big.

Follow these simple steps, and align yourself with knowledgeable, reputable, and dependable partners along the way...and you're sure to succeed (with the right motivation, skill, and timing)!