Funded + Fueled

Your startup has gone through the motions... It's been born, nurtured, and recently (or fairly recently) funded. Now what?!? 

How do you go from strategy to execution, identifying the pain-points in your brand and digital marketing mix? 

Will you connect and reinforce the idea of connectivity in all that you do? Will your users (and customers) get your 'visual story' and want to reach out? 

These are all important questions to have in your repertoire: but more importantly, who will be your partner, or extension to your team, acting as a guide (both strategic and tactical)? 

Just like you couldn't afford to find the wrong investor (angel investor, venture capital group, etc.) or strategic advisors, you can't afford to have the wrong design and digital partner supporting your growth.

Whomever you choose to work with on this journey, be sure that you're designing to delight at every possible touchpoint: that's how you win the race.